Culti Milano Colours Diffuser Brown 250ml - The

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Colours Diffusers are made up of original olfactory experience and conceived in Culti Milano's classic fragrances of Aramara, Thè, Mareminerale and Tessuto.

The tea ceremony, slow and meditative. Hypnotic gestures of an ancient tradition performed one by one in a symbolic ritual. A balanced and pure blend of bergamot and Japanese green Sencha tea, complemented by a note of guaiacum wood. A tribute to slowness.

Olfactory Notes
Olfactory Family:Aromatic
Facet: Floral
Olfactory Notes: Bergamot, Sencha Tea, Guaiacum Wood

Ideal For: Living room, study, kitchen

250ml home diffuser comes with a bunch of rattan sticks for a continuous dispersion of the perfume up to 3 months (depending on environment).

Ideal placement: open, airy places, (for example, near doors, windows, staircases, fan/ air vents), heat sources (for example, radiators). Turn the reeds every 10 - 15 days or as often as every 3 days to reach desired intensity.

Turn the reeds far from delicate surfaces (furniture, fine flooring), over a sink.

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