iKOU Essential Oil - Joy, 10ml

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iKOU Essential Oils are expertly blended using the highest grade pure essential oils, with Aromatherapy benefits to shift your mood to match the way you want to feel.

Celebrate life and the beauty in each day with this joyful aromatherapy blend.

The seductive, heady, floral notes of ylang ylang flowers connects you with your soft, feminine side to let go of frustration, and exude radiance and joy.
Combined with uplifting grapefruit and tangerine, this is the go-to essential oil blend when you want to feel joyful, radiant and vibrant.

Add desired amount of oil drops to water in diffuser chamber. Can also dilute into a base carrier oil to apply to skin for aromatherapy benefits or massage.

We currently ship to Singapore only. For other international countries, do email us at custsvc@beautyfresh.com.