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Firming Serum Supreme - 40ml

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A 4D* firming serum developed through scientific investigation into the characteristics of firm skin. Inspired by studies in skin density and recognizing that tone is key to a youthful look, this formulation helps to transform the appearance of skin.

This special serum promotes a smooth contoured look and addresses factors that cause loss of tone.
The first of its kind, this specialty firming serum creates a sense of volume from within** while targeting the skin’s surface to enhance noticeable firmness. After the very first application, you can see and feel a difference.

*4D (four-dimensional) signifies a new dimension beyond 3D (three-dimensional) that enables a clearly defined and sculpted appearance through conditioning of the skin’s surface for the realization of visible firmness. **Stratum corneum.

How to use

●Use morning and evening, after balancing skin.
●Pump the dispenser twice to release serum into your palm and carefully smooth over face.
●Press thumbs against chin and slide upward along jaw line to ears. Repeat three times.
●Using both hands, grasp chin between thumb and three fingers and slide fingers upward along jaw line to ears. Repeat three times.


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