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Jade Leaf Tea - Limited Edition - 75ml

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Inspired by the smoothest of Japanese Sencha teas. Glistening new buds steamed for 22 hours to preserve their greenness. Freshness. Bitter with the bite of pomelo. Textured with sesame. Herbaceous with maté leaf.

inspired by Sencha Ariake; this is the smoothest of all the fine Japanese sencha teas. The ceremonial approach to tea in Japan captured our imaginations. In the Muromachi period (1392–1573), tea culture reached its zenith with tea masters, tea ceremony teachers and tea collectors given formal titles to distinguish their role within the art of tea. This fragrance pays homage to this erudition.

This fragrance is a crisp, green, slightly bitter, interpretation of tea. We chose sesame, lentisk, a resin similar to pine, and maté leaf to push those green and crunchy notes. We also added a hint of bitter freshness with pomelo.

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