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Figuier Scented Oval

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Diptyque's Figuier scented oval is a refined and innovative accessory perfuming small spaces, a closet or a drawer. It features an intense fragrance inspired by the fig tree: the warmth of its bark, the freshness of its leaves, and the milky sap of its fruit. The scent is reminiscent of warm summer days in Greece when the rich fragrance of ripened figs fills the soft air.

A unique product to perfume and decorate small spaces. It utilizes an innovative diffusion system using the brand's know how: scented wax.
How to use

Bury it in drawers. Slip it into a cupboard of clean and fresh household linen. Each oval of scented wax, engraved with the name of the scent, is encased in a white porcelain medallion in a discretely luxurious style. It has a sober and elegant black cotton cord so it can be hung up easily.


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