Biokern B-Kern - Vitamin B Complex - ENERGY BOOSTER - Swiss Made - 10ml

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Shine with energy by enriching your routine with Vitamin B Complex.

Physical and mental fatigue is often a barrier to being focused and at the best of ourselves, B-Kern vitamins supports energy level and help reduce fatigue helping you to be at your best, physically and mentally. B-Kern helps maintain healthy skin and hair thanks to biotin, an essential nutrient for the body.

Gluten, soy and lactose free. Suitable for vegans

Without: preservatives, alcohol or artificial flavors

Suitable for:

- People who need to support their energy metabolism (convalescence, sports, seasonal changes)

- Tired and fatigued individuals who perform heavy work or play sports

- Students or people who engage in demanding activities

- People who want the improve the health of their skin and hair

Instructions for use: Take 10 drops per day for 20 days diluted in water, juices or warm herbal tea

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