Chanel Le Blanc Essence Lotion - 150ml

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Let your light blossom.Le Blanc Essence Lotion Healthy Light Creator is a 3-in-1 fresh, milky brightening Essence Lotion that enhances and amplifies skin’s healthy pure light.
Featuring innovative new technology, the formula is as hydrating as a lotion, as comfortable as an oil, as powerful as a serum. Acting on three 3 aspects of skin health, the Essence Lotion revitalises and brightens the skin while restoring essential skin lipids for greater health and brightness.

Formulated with precious ume flower extract, ume flower oil and a vitamin C derivative, the refreshing, cocooning texture delivers a water-in-oil sensation that envelops skin in protective comfort. The skin is instantly bright, hydrated, plump and soft: bursting with natural luminosity and a healthy pure light.

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